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MAKE $10k [every dang month]

…so you can revamp your website, take a real vacation, give more to charity, or simply stop wincing at the price of organic food. And love your business more than ever.

You’ve been running a business for awhile now. You have amazing clients. You know how to deliver great services. And you have money coming in the door.

And while you don’t struggle with the same challenges you did when you were first starting out, you can clearly see where you want your business to go.

You’re ready to FINALLY have…

  • A full roster (and waiting list!) of perfect clients who pay top dollar for your services and regularly refer others your way
  • A flexible business that works around your life, giving you ample time to focus on the things that are truly important to you
  • Extra money in the bank, so you feel safe and secure even if life throws you a curveball

You want a business where you’re making a huge impact on others. A business that’s designed around your strengths. One that gives you the freedom you long for and supports the life you want most.

And you’re not quite there yet.

Of course, you’re thrilled that you’ve been able to make $3k, $5k, or even $7k/month. Though difficult to admit, it’s not really enough — either because you’re still struggling to make ends meet or because you have the nagging feeling you’re leaving money on the table.

But you’re confused about how to go from making some money to making enough money to pay the bills and then some. You have no idea how to get from where you are to a place where you’re not constantly thinking about your finances.

Know this: It’s not your fault! As a service provider, you have a unique challenge when it comes to scaling your business and increasing your revenue.

In fact, you’ve probably asked yourself this question hundreds of times…

Why Is It So Challenging to Create a Highly-Profitable, One-on-One, Service-Based Business?

Whether you’re a life coach, designer, writer, financial advisor, weight loss coach, teacher, healer, or any other one-on-one service provider, you’re selling YOU.

clipboardAnd there’s only so much you to go around.

You want to make more, but you’re already working really hard and have a pretty full schedule. You’re stumped about how to squeeze out more hours or fit in more clients to hit your income goal. It feels impossible.

Plus, the work you’re doing is a mixed bag. Some projects, you love. Others you give in and say yes to so you can pay the bills. Maybe you even feel resentful that you’re not getting paid as much as you want for the work you’re doing.

If you keep doing what you’re doing now and try to hit six figures, you’ll end up burned out or totally overwhelmed. (You might even be feeling this way already.) Even worse, you’ll start to resent your business and your clients.

You know something has to shift, but you’re not sure what or how.

Even though you’re stuck, you know you have what it takes — drive, determination, and commitment — to reach your goals. You just need someone to tell you what to do and how to do it.

The good news is, your dream of building a six-figure business is 100% possible. And it’s closer than you think. (Even better, you don’t need to waste time or effort totally switching business models.)

You CAN Build a Six-Figure Business Offering One-on-One Services and Working 30 Hours/Week… or Less

As an online business owner, you have the power to propel your business and life far beyond your wildest expectations. You just need a step-by-step strategy to reach your goals and expert support to ensure you implement everything in just the right way.

Picture this:

It’s Monday morning, and you’re sipping tea in bed. You’re excited about the work projects in store for this week, but you’re in no hurry. You’ve created a flexible schedule that lets you follow your own rhythm and indulge in this quiet hour before starting the day.

THIS is what you’ve been waiting for — to run your business like a CEO instead of an overworked employee.

imagineWhen you do sit down to work, you feel laser focused. You plan further ahead than ever before, and you’re no longer reacting to your business. When a prospect requests a project that doesn’t light you up, you confidently and gracefully say no, because you no longer have to “pay your dues” or give in just to make an extra buck.

Even better, you’re confident and grounded in who you are as a business owner — no more overthinking or second-guessing yourself. You’re doing the work you’re meant to do.

Fast forward to Friday afternoon.

You close your laptop for the weekend, filled with pride and gratitude. You accomplished everything you set out to do, your clients were thrilled with your work, AND you’re living your life on your terms. Your family loves the extra time you’ve been spending together. Plus you started taking that yoga class you were always too busy or tired to go to.

Life is GOOD.

Of course, this is just one scenario. Every woman has a personal reason for wanting to hit six figures in her business…

What would change if YOU hit six figures?

Some women want to replace their corporate income.
Others want to finally get paid what they’re worth.

Some women love the challenge.
Others want to feel proud of what they’ve created.

Some women want to pay off debt.
Others want to save for the future.

Some women want to take a trip they’ve always dreamed of.
Others want to buy their very first home.

Some women want to fly first class to Europe.
Others want to give more to charity.

Whatever your reason, you know you’re ready for a thriving, profitable business that supports the life you want most.

So, How Do You Make This Happen?

Hi, I’m Jenny Shih. I’m an uncompromising business coach who believes it’s ALL possible. You can make money doing work you love while also living a life you love.

jenny-shih-2How can I be so sure? Because I’ve done it.

Five years ago, I hit six figures working an average of 20-30 hours a week.

And know this: I’m not a marketing whiz, I don’t have a degree in business, and I’m a total introvert.

When I first started back in 2011, finances were crazy tight, we had to watch our household budget closely, and there wasn’t anything left for fun things like a new sweater, a vacation, or even a nice dinner out.

Luckily, I realized I had some huge gaps I needed to fix (fast) if I didn’t want to go back to my corporate job.

I needed to write stronger copy, up-level my packages and increase my prices, fine-tune my consult process, set up reliable systems, more effectively plan ahead, streamline my schedule, finesse my customer experience, and so much more.

I dove head first into closing every one of those gaps, and that’s when I perfected what I call the Six-Figure Success Method™. (I’ll tell you about it in just a moment.)

Since then I’ve been using the same methodology to grow to a multi-six-figure business, manage a growing team, serve hundreds of clients, and execute multi-six-figure launches — all while working significantly less than most entrepreneurs.

I’m not special. I’m simply a dedicated, determined action-taker, just like you, who loves the predictability of a proven method for online business success.

I also love seeing my clients create businesses that support their lives. That’s why I carefully tailored the Six-Figure Success Method™ into a step-by-step strategy YOU can learn and apply to YOUR unique business.

How the Six-Figure Success Method™ Changes the Course of Your Business Forever

You’re ready to learn EVERYTHING that it takes to run a thriving, six-figure business — so you can earn more money and run your business like a boss.

But first, let’s back up a bit, because…

The first step to hitting $10k/month is realizing what got you here won’t get you there.

Hitting this target requires an entirely new way of thinking and operating, and that’s where the Six-Figure Success Method™ comes in.

It’s a one-of-a-kind, tested-and-proven strategy to help you…

  • REACH (and EXCEED) the income goals you’ve been working so hard for — and finally create the business you’re dreaming of
  • PACKAGE AND PRICE your offers so you get paid more for doing the work you love most
  • CONNECT with high-caliber clients so you feel deeply valued by the people who need you most
  • CONVERT prospects into paying customers without need any pushy or sleazy sales tactics
  • FILL your client roster AND a six-month waiting list (and keep it full)
  • FOCUS your energy and spend your time on the things that maximize your results
  • CREATE and implement seamless systems so you can accomplish more than you ever thought possible
  • OVERCOME the fears and self-doubt that are holding you back, so that success becomes inevitable

The Six-Figure Success Method™ includes everything you need to hit and exceed six figures in your business — without burning out.

This approach, like nothing else out there, is detailed to the gnat’s ass but not so blueprinty that you can’t adapt it to your own unique business and the services that you offer.

But you need to do more than just learn the concepts.

There’s a big difference between understanding concepts and effectively executing those concepts in your business.

Yes, you need a proven methodology (and I give it to you), but you also need coaching and support as you take action and make the much-needed, new-to-you shifts in your business.

Through my work with hundreds of clients, I’ve seen first hand that the ones who are most successful are those who take advantage of my help and expertise every step of the way.

And that’s exactly why I’m so excited to personally invite you to join…

MAKE $10k [every dang month]

A premium coaching and masterminding experience for an elite group of tenacious women who are ready to make the leap to six figures in their online businesses

This one-of-a-kind program meets you right where you are, with what you have, and helps you see the exact steps you must take to hit six figures.

It’s not about ditching your existing business model or finding a new niche. It’s also not about teaching you one single skillset or a bunch of disconnected theories.

You won’t just learn about strategic planning or systems or packaging or pricing or copywriting or sales or mindset. You learn all of this and more, with the goal of getting your business to $10k/month — fast!

Here’s how it works…

Phase 1: Six-Figure Success Method™ Virtual Retreat

working-9During this immersive retreat you discover exactly what you need to do to hit $10k/month.

From high-level strategy to nitty-gritty details of execution, from scheduling and planning to mindset management, you see all of the pieces that play into hitting six figures in your online, service-based business.

There is dedicated time for learning, brainstorming, masterminding, planning, and getting all of your individual questions answered.

RESULT: You learn my proven Six-Figure Success Method™ and understand exactly how to apply the concepts to your business.

“The retreat was an amazing way to start off the program. I feel like it set the perfect tone and gave me the big picture and the details I needed to hit my goals.” Designer & Illustrator

Phase 2: Personalized Make $10k Action Plan

make 10 k live learningYou don’t need a coach who teaches you theory and sets you loose to guess your way to success, so it’s a good thing I’m not that kind of coach!

Together, we create a can’t-fail-if-you-do-the-work action plan that maps out the exact steps to get you from where you are to finally hitting six figures.

RESULT: You know exactly what steps to take to transform your business into a six-figure business. No guessing, no confusion, and no worry. Just clear, straightforward steps based on a proven methodology to get what you want most.

“Having the plan that Jenny helped me create — including deadlines for each task — was worth the program investment alone. In just the first month, I launched a new website, hosted my first webinar, and started putting out weekly free content. I couldn’t believe I did all of that so quickly. And it was all because of my personal action plan.” Copywriter & Content Strategist

Phase 3: Make $10k Execution Coaching & Masterminding

implementation coachingHaving a plan is great, but to see results you have to take action. And when you take action, you’re bound to have questions.

That’s why, as you work through executing your personal Make $10k Action Plan, you get personal guidance from me.

With regular group coaching calls and access to me nearly five days per week for the full duration of the program, you have the personalized support you need to create the results you’ve been craving.

On top of that, you connect with, learn from, and grow with an intimate group of women who are at the same level in business as you and working toward similar goals. Magic happens when you share an experience like this with a group of highly motivated, smart women who are committed to success in their own businesses, and you achieve more in your business than you ever thought possible.

RESULT: You follow through on every step of your strategy with my support so you hit your six-figure target as fast as possible.

“I’ve never before received this level of direction and support from a coach. I now know what to do every single day to build my business.” Executive Health Coach

“Meeting the other ladies in this program is priceless. We have shared so much together: growth and hardship, personal and professional — it’s truly a bond I hope we’ll keep for life! You can tell Jenny carefully curated us, because it’s such a natural fit.” Launch Strategist

Bonus: Going Beyond $10k Virtual Retreat

mastermindHitting six figures is going to be a dream come true, but what about if we took things even further?

Before the program ends, we meet for a two-day virtual retreat, review how far you’ve come, make a plan to sustain your income at six figures, and set the course for you to exceed $10k/month.

RESULT: You ensure hitting $10k/month is inevitable (if you aren’t there already!), and you see the path to going beyond $10k/month in your unique business.

“I’ve reached over 14,000 people, have a completely booked schedule with clients who are a great match (and am now creating a waiting list), and I have a 6-month plan to take my business to the next level.” Certified Holistic Health Coach and Yoga Teacher

Make $10k [every dang month] includes everything you need to hit six figures. Period.

You’re ready to make great money doing work you love, and you’re ready to join Make $10k [every dang month].

Whether you’re a life coach or nutritionist or copywriter or web designer or something else, if you’re working your ass off but you’re still dreaming of making $10k/month, this program’s for you.

participationParticipation requirements:

personalized make 10 k action planDue to the high-touch nature of this program, I accept a maximum of 12 women for this one-of-a-kind experience. You must meet these requirements in order to apply:

  • You’re a woman (sorry guys, this one’s for the ladies!).
  • You have a published website you can edit basic text on (or have a VA who can do this for you).
  • You’re making $3-7k/month in an existing online, service-based business.
  • You’re ready to kick ass and build your current business to $10k/month and beyond!

Keep in mind, this isn’t just another training program or coaching program or mastermind or online community. It’s all of these and more, deliberately and carefully designed to help you confidently get your online, service-based business to six figures and go beyond.

timelineTimeline and Schedule:

Make $10k [every dang month] officially kicks off on October 2, 2017.

Our week-long virtual retreat runs from October 9 through October 13. The exact time is set once all clients have registered, so we can accommodate world-wide participation.

The program runs through mid-April for a total of six months (with two weeks off for Christmas and New Years).


The investment for Make $10k is $12,000.

A payment plan is available at no extra charge.

Get Started Today

Applications for Make $10k [every dang month] are now open, but only for a few weeks or until the program is full, whichever comes first. (This means, don’t wait to apply!)

Step 1. Submit your application by clicking the button below. Submitting an application doesn’t obligate you to join. It’s simply the first step in the process.

Step 2. I personally review your application to make sure I’m the right coach to help you hit your goals. Within 5 days of submitting your application, you receive an email from me regarding the next steps.

Step 3. If I think we could be a good fit to work together, you are invited to schedule a consultation. During our totally free, zero-obligation consult, we talk about you, your business, your challenges, and your big goals. You have ample opportunity to ask me questions so you can make the best decision for yourself — no high-pressure sales tactics!

Step 4. If we both agree that Make $10k is the right fit for you and your business, I send you everything you need to claim your spot and get started. If this isn’t the right fit, I’ll point you in the direction of something that will help you better. (I want you to succeed no matter what!)


What Clients Say About Working with Jenny

“In less than 6 months, I more than doubled my prices, restructured my packages, and completely rebranded. I’m showing up like a boss, and my clients are getting a WAY better experience now. I had my two highest-ever income months, and it’s all working!” Copywriter & Content Strategist

“I now confidently charge higher rates and work with clients on retainer. I blog and email my list weekly, engage in Facebook groups regularly, pitch podcasts and blogs, and am featured on podcasts and expert panels. It’s all been exciting!” Graphic Designer

“The connections I made with other participants have made almost as big of an impact on my life as the program itself.” Business Strategist

“I filled my client roster and started a waiting list!” Weight Loss Coach

“The step-by-step way that Jenny does things makes you feel like you can really do everything to grow your business.” Sleep Consultant

“I have a full client list, and this is just the start!” Social Media Strategist

“The best part was the mastermind. The intimacy of this connection has supported me in growing, risking, learning.” Alchemist

I’m now comfortably bringing in $9k+ in revenue every month, thanks to Jenny and her feedback and support!” Financial Manager & Consultant

“The group Jenny pulled together was just what I needed to keep moving forward, even when it got tough.” Coach & Intercultural Specialist

I had my first $10k month! Plus, in the last six months, I’ve doubled my list, filled my schedule to capacity, and doubled my income.” Pilates Mentor & Business Coach

Is Make $10k right for you?

includedMake $10k is perfect for you if…

  • You run an existing one-on-one, service-based, online business that you want to take to the next level.
  • You want a proven approach — like the Six-Figure Success Method™ — to help you reach your goals.
  • You know that Jenny’s straight-up, direct, no-BS style is what you’re looking for.
  • You’re committed to taking consistent action and following through on your personal action plan.
  • You take personal responsibility for your actions (and non-actions), your attitude, and your results.
  • You’re 100% committed to your own success and hungry to step up your game.

not-for-you-2Make $10k is not for you if…

  • You’re looking for a quick fix to bring in magic money overnight.
  • You haven’t started making money or have been in business less than one year.
  • You aren’t willing to stretch your brain, learn new ways of thinking, take action, or challenge yourself to push past old limits and do new things.
  • You have a successful offline business that you want to take online. (I have another program for you. Email me.)

You CAN build the six-figure business you’ve been dreaming of.

You can have a full roster of dream clients and start a waiting list.

You can make a bigger difference with your work and have a bigger impact in the world.

You can make more without working more.

You can take nights and weekends off, guilt-free.

And you can get there faster than you think.

Make $10k [every dang month] will show you how.

Don’t put off your dream any longer. Apply today. Spaces are limited and filled first come, first served.


Have questions about Make $10k and if it’s right for you? Ask me anything.